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Fair Vendors

The iconic Lake County Fair has been an essential community gathering place for 90 years. Our annual countywide festival has evolved to reflect the modern tastes of a diverse suburban population while celebrating the regions' rich agricultural heritage.

BEFORE SUBMITTING YOUR VENDOR APPLICATION, please review the FAQs located on this page. By submitting an application, the applicant agrees to abide by all rules, regulations and stipulations if selected to participate in the Lake County Fair.

THIS IS NOT A CONTRACT. If your application is approved, you will be emailed a 2018 Lake County Fair contract outlining the terms of the agreement, rules an regulations and required payments amount.

If you are submitting multiple businesses, please submit a separate application for each business.


Vendor Dates and Times (Subject to Change)

2018 Vendor Dates & TimesExpo Hall VendorsOutdoor Vendors
Wednesday, July 2510:00am - 9:00pm10:00am - 11:00pm
Thursday, July 2610:00am - 9:00pm10:00am - 11:00pm
Friday, July 2710:00am - 9:00pm10:00am - midnight
Saturday, July 2810:00am - 9:00pm10:00am - midnight
Sunday, July 2910:00am - 7:00pm10:00am - 7:00pm

Vendor Eligibility and Responsibilities

  • All Fair vendors are selected through a juried process and must submit a completed application in order to be considered. Applications will be accepted  until June 1, 2018 or until all available vendor spaces have been assigned.
  • All Fair vendors are located indoors (Expo Hall) or outdoors throughout the Fairgrounds.  
  • The Lake County Fair Association reserves the right to assign vendor locations to achieve the optimal mix of attractions and to enhance the overall attendee experience at the Fairgrounds.
  • Space changes or using a space not occupied by another vendor is prohibited. Only the LCFA-approved vendor may exhibit in their assigned space.  Space may not be donated or sold to another party.
  • All Fair vendors are required to provide the LCFA with a certificate of insurance showing liability coverage in the amount of $1,000,000.00 USD naming the Lake County Fair Association as additionally insured. There are no exceptions to this rule.
  • No vendor shall exhibit any goods or services other than those specified, and approved, on the contract. 
  • To assure the quality of the Fair, all vendors will be inspected by LCFA staff during set-up and throughout the Fair.  
  • LCFA staff reserves the right to reject all, or any part of, the vendor’s concession or display if found in its judgment to be unethical, misleading, designer “knock-offs”, extravagant, questionable, in poor taste or otherwise inappropriate or incompatible with the character of the Fair.  
  • Violation of the eligibility rules and regulations will result in item removal or booth closure. No refunds will be issued to a vendor if any item or display part is removed.
  • Payments may be made by cash, money order, certified check, credit card (3% transaction fee applies) or personal/business check. Checks should be payable to the Lake County Fair Association. All Fair vendors must be paid-in-full by July 1, 2018. NSF checks are subject to a $35.00 fine


How many people attend the Lake County Fair?

Over 100,000 guests are expected at the 2018 Fair.


What types of vendors are accepted at the Lake County Fair?

LCFA accepts applications from a wide variety of businesses, artisans, craftspeople and attractions. Generally speaking, most vendors fall into the following categories:

  • Amusements & Attractions
  • General Merchandise - Retail
  • Food & Beverage - Retail
  • Information (non-profit organization)
  • Marketing/Promotional (for profit enterprise)


When is the deadline for vendors to apply to the Lake County Fair?

Applications will be accepted  until June 1, 2018 or until all available vendor spaces have been assigned.


What do I need to submit to apply to the Lake County Fair?

Please return your completed Vendor Application to be considered for a space at the Fair.  LCFA reserves the right to require potential vendors to provide photographs of any products, displays or attractions.


How long before I know if my application has been accepted?

Applications will be processed as they are received.  If you apply after June 1, 2018 please call Emily at the Fair Office to see if applications are still being accepted:  (847) 680-7200.


When do I need to pay for my booth?

Upon acceptance of your application, a contract will be sent to you by LCFA.  Your vendor contract will not be considered final until LCFA receives a 50% deposit along with your signed contract.  Full payment - including tickets, parking passes, equipment and other services – is due by June 1, 2018.   No refunds will be issued after the vendor has been accepted.


When will my check be cashed?

All checks will be cashed or credit cards charged when your signed contract is processed.  NSF or returned checks are subject to a $35.00 fee. Please note there is a 3% handling fee on all credit card transactions.


How do I know what space has been assigned to me?

A signed contract and confirmation of booth space location will be returned to you when it is processed.  A vendor packet with Fair information, load-in information and other Fair details will be sent to accepted vendors about two weeks prior to the Fair.


Do you provide electricity?

A limited number of indoor vending spaces will have access to a 20 amp outlet for a fee. Indoor vendors must provide properly-rated extension cords for the equipment in their display to reach the outlets. Indoor vendors must specify their electrical needs in advance.

Outdoor Fair vendors must request electricity for an additional charge. (See application form) Indicate on your application how much electricity you will require for the Fair - electrical requirements above-and-beyond what is stipulated on the contract will result in a $100.00 service fee that must be paid prior to the electrician providing the hook-up. You must bring your own extension cords. You may NOT bring your own generator. Any vendor who does not comply with these rules may lose the privilege of participating in future Lake County Fairs.


How does my staff gain entry to the fair?

Each Fair vendor will receive four (4) complimentary vendor-access passes food for the entire run of the Fair and six (6) single day vendor passes for their staff to enter the Fairgrounds.  Additional single-day passes may be purchased for $8.00 in advance or at the Fair Office during the Fair. Anyone entering the Fairgrounds must have the appropriate vendor pass or they will be required to purchase a general admission ticket at the gate.


Where does my staff park?

The Commercial Parking Lot is located on the West end of the Fairgrounds and is accessible through the Commercial Gate off Peterson Road. Each Fair vendor will receive one (1) Commercial Parking passes valid for the full run of the Fair. Additional passes may be purchased for $15.00 - maximum of four (4) - or your staff members are welcome to park in the free public lot. Anyone who enters through the Commercial gate must have a Commercial parking pass.


When and where can I unload and load?

Indoor Fair vendors (Expo Hall) may load-in on Monday, July 23, 2018 from 8:00 am until 4:00 pm and on Tuesday, July 24, from 8:00 am until 8:00 pm. During the Fair, a designated vendor entry to the Expo Hall will open each morning at 9:00 am to allow vendors to refresh their display before the public enters at 10:00 am. Vendors must depart the Expo Center 30 minutes after the Expo Hall closes each night. At the end of the Fair, indoor vendors must break down their booths on Sunday, July 29 from 6:00 pm until 10:00 pm or Monday, July 30 from 8:00 am until 12:00 noon.

Outdoor Fair vendors with food trailers may load-in on Sunday, July 22 through Tuesday, July 24 after they have checked in with the Fair Office. All other outdoor Fair vendors may load-in Monday, July 23 or Tuesday, July 24. All outdoor vendors must be set up by Tuesday evening. Electricity will be available by 1:00pm on Tuesday, July 24.


Is help available to transport my product to my booth or space?

LCFA does not have any carts or staff to assist you with load-in.  Vehicles are allowed on the grounds from 7:00am - 9:45am during the Fair dates; there is no vehicle access at night.


If I sell out my product or don't have any staff, may I break down early?

No.  Vendors may not break down until the end of the fair on Sunday.  Breaking down a booth early will disqualify you from being accepted for future fairs.


What are my nearby hotel and camping options?

On-site camping is available for vendors - click here for more information. Please call the Fair Office for assistance with local lodging.


May I make an announcement over the Fair PA system to promote my product or attraction?

No - Only Fair staff will be allowed to make announcements on the public address system. 


Can I have a raffle, accept donations, or sell chances at my booth?

Selling of chances and/or asking for donations are prohibited.  Free drawings are allowed and all drawings must be held on-site and names handed into the Fair office.


Is Wi-Fi available?

Yes!  And it is FREE for vendors!  Please visit the Fair office upon your arrival for the password.


Can I have mail and packages sent to the Fairgrounds?

Yes, but there are restrictions.  US Mail delivery will not deliver to the Fairgrounds from Friday, July 20 through Monday, July 30.  UPS and FedEx will deliver during the Fair. Please ensure that all packages include your company name/vending space location.  Package announcements will only be made prior to 10:00 am daily.  Check with the fair office if you are expecting a delivery.


Will other vendors be selling similar products?

While we do our best to ensure that a wide variety of products are represented during the Fair, there may be other vendors selling the same or similar products. If you are interested in becoming an exclusive sponsor for a certain category (example: “The official jewelry of the Lake County Fair”), please contact the Fair Office.


How big are the outdoor vending spaces?

Outdoor spaces are flexible depending upon your needs.


What is the procedure for adverse weather?

The Fair is held rain or shine.  There is no rain date, storage, or indoor location for vendors that have selected outdoor spaces. 


What kind of beverages can I sell? Is ice available?

No alcohol may be served by any vendor.  Stoxen Ice and Coca-Cola products will be available on-site throughout the Fair for your purchasing needs. The Fair reserves the right to restrict certain soft drinks/beverage sales due to sponsorship agreements. Coca-Cola reps will be on-site to take and fulfill your order. All soft drink/beverage products (excluding coffee, fresh brewed teas and fresh-squeezed lemonade) must be purchased through Coca-Cola during the Fair, and no other soft drink/beverage products are allowed to be sold in your vending space. Any vendor who does not comply with these rules may lose the privilege of participating in future Lake County Fairs.


Can I bring my own tent?

All vendor tents must be sourced through the Lake County Fair Association to ensure public safety. Business and/or branded tents must be approved by LCFA management prior to load-in. Any tent or vendor installation deemed unsafe by Fair management or safety personnel will need to be immediately removed. NO EXCEPTIONS.


Do I need a Food Service Event Permit? Yes!

The Lake County Health Department will be on-site throughout the Fair to inspect all food and beverage vendors.  This includes indoor vendors who are giving away edible samples consumed during Fair hours, but does not apply to pre-packaged food products.  All food and beverage vendors (and those vendors giving away edible samples consumed during Fair hours) must obtain a 2018 Temporary Food Service Event Permit issued by the Lake County Health Department. 

  • We strongly urge all food and beverage vendors to take care of this by July 1. A late fee will be imposed by the Health Department for all applications received while on-site. 
  • All vendor employees engaged in food service must have a valid food safety certificate. The Lake County Health Department will offer a food safety training course on Tuesday, July 24 (time and location TBD).  This food safety training course is offered free-of-charge to Fair vendors.