We invite your company to become a part of the 89-year-old tradition known as the 2017 Lake County Fair.

Your investment in the Lake County Fair reflects positively on your company.
Sponsorship of the Lake County Fair signals your good corporate citizenship and recognition of the importance of Lake County’s rich agricultural heritage. Our marketing, social media, onsite activation and promotional opportunities further connects your brand to a loyal consumer base, by aligning your brand with the strong emotions that the Lake County Fair evokes.

The Lake County Fair contributes to the quality of life for your customers and employees.
According to a 2014 economic impact study conducted by the University of Illinois Extension, in partnership with the Illinois Association of Agricultural Fairs (IAAF), county fairs generated a state-wide economic impact of $90 million and supported a total of 1,000 jobs. Total expenditures of fair attendees across all Illinois county fairs are estimated at $170 million. Closer to home, the study revealed the Lake County Fair generated $3 million of spending within the local economy.

Beyond the obvious financial boost, the study also confirms county fairs provide many benefits that are not related to economic gain. County Fairs have always served a unique purpose, acting as a catalyst for continuing local traditions, building unity across municipal boundaries, and educating future generations about agriculture, nutrition, and responsible stewardship of natural resources.  

Your investment in the Lake County Fair supports the community we both serve.
The Lake County Fair Association is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization that produces the Fair and manages year-round operations of the Fairgrounds.  We are self-supporting and do not fall under the direct funding of any municipal, county or state government. Proceeds generated by the annual Lake County Fair are reinvested into our educational programs and the maintenance and development of the Fairgrounds.  We rely heavily on corporate sponsorships to defray the cost of producing the Fair and fund our educational mission.

To learn more about sponsorship opportunities please call the Fair Office at 847-680-7200