Rental Information

The Lake County Fairgrounds and Event Center combines modern indoor exposition and function space, unique outdoor venues, ample free parking and friendly, world-class service to create the perfect site for your next event.

Located in Grayslake, Illinois, we are located halfway between Chicago and Milwaukee with easy access to expressways, O'Hare and General Mitchell Airports, walking distance from two commuter rail lines to Chicago, and a short drive from shopping centers, Six Flag and over 8000 hotel rooms.

Event Center

With its distinctive green roof and welcoming front porch, the Event Center contains the Expo Hall, a permanent registration booth with staff office, flexible function rooms, and a spacious lobby with natural light.

Expo Hall  Our flexible Expo Hall - with ground level load-in and three drive-in overhead doors – is the optimal venue to display large vehicles, water craft and industrial equipment. 

Expo Hall Square Feet65,000
Ceiling Height (highest Point)36' 8"
Dimensions425' x 200'
10' x 10' Booths325
Maximum Occupancy5540

Meeting Rooms  The Blue Ribbon Room and Garden room can be rented separately or combined for your next meeting or private event.

Meeting Rooms Blue Ribbon RoomGarden RoomCombined
Square Feet7308901620
Ceiling Height10'10'10'
Dimensions127' x 27.533' x 27.5'60' x 27.5'

Outdoor Spaces

The possibilities are as boundless as the great outdoors with 100+ acres of property and 12 acres of paved surface.  Past events include music festivals, picnics, obstacle fun runs and car shows.

Show Barn  Built in 2008, our Show Barn offers a truly stylish and memorable setting for your next social affair; equestrian-themed fundraiser or traditional barn dance party. 

Show Barn Square Feet20,000
Ceiling Height (highest point)24'
Dimensions200' x 100'


There are over 30,000 businesses in lake County that collectively employ over 400,000 people. Lake County is home to a vibrant network of growing, innovative companies in a variety of thriving industries including life sciences, financial and professional services, advanced manufacturing, and technology. Lake County is well-represented on the Fortune 500: United Stationers, Mondelez International, Abbott Laboratories, AbbVie, Baxter international, W.W. Grainger, Tenneco, Walgreens, Discover Financial Services, CDW Corporation, and CF Industries Holding Corp.

Lake County has a highly educated workforce with 41.5% of residents having a bachelor degree or higher, exceeding the national average by over 13%. Lake County Buyer Power: Over 250,000 households with an annual income in excess of $100,000.


Facility Rental

Rental rates and all other charges have been developed with the intent of providing equitable and reasonable costs for events at the Lake County Fairgrounds and Event Center. Precise facility rental rates are available upon request; all rates and charges are subject to change at the sole discretion of LCFA. All rental rates refer to the rental of the building and do not include the cost of labor and equipment. An itemized estimate will be provided for each event. As every event is unique, please contact our team of professionals for a rental quote.


Booking Procedure

A date is not considered confirmed until a signed contract and required deposit are returned to the Director of Business Development. If another tenant should request the same date(s), the tenant will be required to execute a contractual agreement and submit the required deposit within 48 hours of notification or within a time as specified. If the contract and deposit are not received within that specified time, the date(s) will be released.


Event Staffing

LCFA will set event staffing levels after an evaluation of the event requirements and anticipated attendance.  This will be stipulated in the Facilities Rental contract.


Deposit and Payment Policy

LCFA requires that stated deposit amount be submitted to the Director of Business Development at the time of contracting. The remaining balance of such charges, if any, is due five (5) days prior to the day of the event. Additional services or equipment needs incurred during the event will be invoiced immediately following the event. Any balances over thirty days will be charged a two percent monthly finance charge until payment is received. Payments by credit card will be subject to a 3% processing fee.

  • If space is reserved less than thirty days prior to the event, a deposit of 100% of the base rent is required upon signing the contract.
  • For events with assigned dates less than one year and more than thirty days prior to the event, a 50% deposit is due upon signing the contract and the balance is due 30 days prior.
  • For events with assigned dates one year or more in advance, a 25% deposit is due upon the signing of the contract.


Cancellation Policy

Event promoter may cancel the event by providing written notice to LCFA at least ten (10) days prior to the first contracted day of the event. In such case, promoter shall pay the following scale of charges based on the expected total contract value inclusive of facility rental, catering, equipment rental and event services:

  • 1 year to 9 months prior to event:               25% of expected total contract value
  • 6 months to 9 months prior to event:          50% of expected total contract value
  • 3 months to 6 months prior to event:          75% of expected total contract value
  • Less than 3 months prior to event:              100% of expected total contract value

Promoter agrees that it is difficult to ascertain the harm and damage of a cancellation to LCFA and that the above amounts are reasonable estimates of the loss of compensation, revenue and damages that would result because of a cancellation.  Any deposits paid by promoter will be applied to cancellation fee.


Catering and Food Vendors

Bauer’s Catering (www.bauerscatering.com) is the sole authorized provider of food, beverage and catering for the Lake County Fairgrounds and Event Center. Non-authorized caterers and outside food vendors (other than Bauer’s Catering) must be approved in writing by LCFA.  All catering and outside food vendors must adhere to LCFA policies and regulations, including a 15% facilities usage fee for non-authorized caterers and Lake County Health Department protocol. Absolutely no outside food or beverage is allowed in any LCFA facility without prior approval from the Director of Business Development.


Alcoholic Beverages

Absolutely no alcoholic beverages shall be brought onto the Fairgrounds and Event Center, served or sold at the event, by any parties other than LCFA. Per State of Illinois law, all alcohol must be purchased by LCFA through authorized distributors and alcohol donations cannot be accepted. Alcoholic beverages served on the Lake County Fairgrounds may not be removed from the confines of the Fairgrounds.  A bar minimum will be charged for each cash or ticketed bar.  The bar minimum will be waived if liquor sales exceed it.  If sales do not exceed the bar minimum, the difference will be charged as a service fee.  All bars are subject to bartender costs and a $75.00 set up fee. A final guest count for host bars must be provided to LCFA no later than ten (10) business days prior to the day of the event. 

LCFA policy requires proper identification for all guests who wish to consume alcohol and reserves the right to refuse alcoholic beverage service any guest who fails to produce proper identification or, in the judgment of the server, appears intoxicated. LCFA reserves the right to cause promoter to discontinue beverage service at any time. Additional requirements with respect to alcoholic beverages may apply. LCFA encourages all groups to make alternative transportation arrangements when alcoholic beverages are served and to establish a designated driver program for safe transportation from the event. 


Event Services

The Lake County Fairgrounds & Event Center is a full service venue. For your convenience, we offer the following services:

  • Load-in; Assemble & Dismantle; Load-Out
  • Janitorial and Waste Removal
  • Other Labor as Required
  • Electrical and Telephone Access
  • Equipment Rental
  • Pipe & Drape
  • Tables and Chairs
  • Concessions Stand
  • Full-Service Catering, including Liquor License
  • WiFi Available


Certificate of Insurance

The Lake County Fair Association requires all event promoters to provide the Association with a certificate of insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 with effective dates covering the inclusive time frame of the scheduled event and naming the Lake County Fair Association as “additional insured”. A photocopy of the policy does not insure that the policy is in force.

LCFA may, at their discretion, require other persons or members of the group and any vendor engaged by patron to carry insurance. If so required, patron shall ensure that such persons, members or organization comply with this requirement. If patron has any additional laborers working for them at their event, proof of workman’s comp coverage must be provided.


Load In, Load Out

All move-in and move-out times shall be coordinated with and approved by LCFA management. Additional labor costs will be incurred by event promoter if LCFA staff is required beyond the agreed upon hours.


Security and Public Safety

LCFA management reserves the right to review public safety plans and require the event promoter to engage outside security services, Fire Marshall and/or paramedics as required. This also applies to supplemental lighting and porta-lets as necessary to maintain a safe and comfortable environment for event patrons.


Event Promotion

No announcements of any kind about the event are permitted until the contract is signed and returned with the appropriate deposit to the Director of Business Development.


Loss and Damage

LCFA assumes no responsibility for the damage or loss of any equipment, goods, displays, or other materials left by the group prior to, during, or after the event. The promoter is responsible for any and all damages to the premises and LCFA property arising from the group's use of the premises during the event, including damage caused by any independent contractor engaged by promoter to participate in the set-up or coordination of the event.


Taxes, Permits and Fees

Payment of taxes or additional fees imposed by any unit of government is the responsibility of the event promoter. Failure to pay any and all such taxes when due will be a considered a breach of contract. Click here for more information from the Illinois Department of Revenue.


Parking and Deliveries

Designated event parking and delivery/drop-off zones will be assigned to your event by the Director of Business Development. Any materials sent to the Fairgrounds Office should be addressed as followed:

Lake County Fairgrounds & Event Center
“HOLD FOR ARRIVAL ATTN:” and your name and organization
1060 E. Peterson Road
Grayslake, IL60030

The Fairgrounds Office will receive packages for events up to three (3) business days prior to the load-in day of the event.  No C.O.D.s will be accepted for packages.  Materials sent to the Fairgrounds prior to your arrival without a contact and organization name will not be accepted. 


Floor Plans and Electrical Requirements

All diagrams and electrical requirements must be submitted to LCFA no later than ten (10) days prior to the day of the event.  All diagrams must comply with all laws, ordinances and codes.  LCFA will supply reasonable electric power for the event.  Charges for additional electrical power will be based on the labor involved and actual power usage.



Decorations must meet all safety standards and laws and the approval of LCFA. Affixing of anything to the wall, floor or ceiling of any room with nails, staples, tape or any other substance is forbidden without the prior written approval of LCFA. No glitter or confetti is allowed. If extensive cleaning is required after your event, a cleaning fee will be applied.


Audio-Visual and Outside Equipment Rental

If you will be bringing, or sub-contracting, any non-LCFA equipment into the building, you must submit requests to LCFA for approval no later than thirty (30) days prior to the day of the event.  The request shall include dimensions, weight, power needs, as well as a diagram of how each item will be set up on the floor. All requests are subject to approval by LCFA. The rental companies must be approved by LCFA and must adhere to all policies put forth by LCFA.  LCFA staff will not accept, handle, transport, store or be responsible for equipment provided by outside contractors.  Promoter is responsible for meeting all equipment deliveries and pick-ups.