2018 Miss Lake County Fair Pageant
Wednesday, July 25

Little Miss and Junior Miss Pageants
Thursday, July 26

  2017 Lake County Fair Queens  Grace Keller, Miss Lake County Fair Adriana Demos, Jr. Miss Lake County Fair Mia Green, Little Miss Lake County Fair

2017 Lake County Fair Queens
Grace Keller, Miss Lake County Fair
Adriana Demos, Jr. Miss Lake County Fair
Mia Green, Little Miss Lake County Fair

 Grace Keller, 2017 Miss Lake County Fair

Grace Keller, 2017 Miss Lake County Fair


I am so thrilled to welcome all of you to the 90th annual Lake County Fair!  This week is such a special one for our county and community.  The agricultural roots and farming heritage of our county is such an important part of who we are and where we came from; joining together in celebration of that for our fair is always a highlight of the summer.

Having the honor of reigning over the 89th Annual Lake County Fair was an extraordinary experience, and I will never forget the activities I participated in and all the memories I made as queen.  From the pie eating contest, the crazy cow relay race, to handing out grand champion ribbons and watching the master showman competition, I connected with a whole new side of the fair, and I am so grateful for those experiences.  Last year’s fair will forever hold a special place in my heart.

Shortly after the fair, I headed down to Springfield for County Fair Day at the Illinois State Fair.  There I met Claudia, the reigning state queen, and the Illinois Director of Agriculture, Raymond Poe, as well as 71 other fair queens from counties across Illinois.

 I also participated in the county’s first ever Farm Stroll in October, where I toured 8 of the county’s 13 farms holding open houses.  Learning about agriculture in our area in a hands-on way was a great experience, providing me with valuable information about how farming in our county operates. 

Then in November, I traveled to Ottawa, where I participated in the Northern Zone Meeting. There, I was able to enjoy lunch with fair board members and queens from the northern counties of our state, as well as participate in a mock interview to prepare me for the state pageant.

All of these activities led me to the culminating event of my reign, representing Lake County at the 60th annual Miss Illinois County Fair Queen Pageant held in conjunction with the Illinois Association of Agricultural Fairs Convention in Springfield.  The experience of being among 71 other queens competing for the state title is one that I will never forget.  Placing among the top 15 was truly an honor, and the experience made me so proud to say that I call Lake County home.

All of these memories are ones I will cherish forever, but in reflection, I find that the most special parts of my reign were the people I met along the way.  This year has been an incredible journey for me start to finish, and the people that were brought into my life because of this title have everything to do with that.

Mom and Dad, thank you for being my biggest fans.  Your support and love mean everything to me, and you are the reason I am who I am both onstage and off.  Mia and Adriana, I have gained two new sisters through you, and I am so glad that we were able to share this year together.  Also, thank you to the Demos and Green families for sharing your daughters with me this year.  They are wonderful young ladies.  Team Lake, thank you for your support and guidance not only through the state pageant but through my whole reign.  You are all such amazing people with huge hearts.  And of course, Alyce, thank you for being you.  You have touched me in more ways than you will ever know this past year, and I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to learn from you.

I can’t begin to express what this year has meant to me.  Thank you for allowing me to serve as your queen this year, and enjoy the 90th annual Lake County Fair!

Much love,
Grace Lynn Keller
Miss Lake County Fair Queen 2017