2019 Lake County Fair Lip Sync Battle

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Saturday, July 27   

Saturday, July 27, 2019

West Beer Garden - Lake County Fair

  • Contestants 19 years of age or older by July 27, 2019 are eligible to participate

  • $50.00 entry fee per act (registration open to the first 12 entrants)

  • Awards:

    • 1st = $500          

    • 2nd = $200             

    • 3rd = $100

Lip Sync Battle Rules

  1. Registration is open to the first 12 teams that register and complete entry payment. All others will be alternate teams in the order of registering.

  2. Cost is $50 per team

  3. Deadline for entry is July 8th at 4:30pm

  4. Teams can range in size from 1 to 8 people. Everyone MUST be 19+.  All team member names must be included on the registration form

  5. Each Participant can ONLY compete in one act

  6. There is no actual singing allowed in the Lip Sync Battle

  7. Teams may use props. Throwing items from the stage or any acrobatics or stunts is not allowed. Fog machines, bubble machines, fire, water, glitter or powder-like material are prohibited. Microphones will be provided.

  8. Music choice must be submitted with registration form by July 8 to be approved by the Lip-sync Committee. No duplicate songs (so get your entry submitted early!) Music must be the clean version; no explicit versions will be accepted. Failure to submit music may result in the team’s registration being cancelled.

  9. Music must be submitting by MP3 format by July 12, 2019

  10. The maximum time limit is five minutes per performance. Please note: removal of props from stage will be counted as part of the allotted 5 minute performance time. At the 5-minute mark all music will be faded out

  11. The Lip-sync Committee reserves the right to cancel registration if the committee feels the act is inappropriate or offensive to others

  12. The stage must be left in the same condition as it was found. During the performance, teams may use props but all props must be taken off the stage at the end of the performance

  13. Must have at least 10 groups registered for show to go on. In the event this does not happen, all groups will be fully refunded

Judging/Scoring (how to win)

Lip-sync Battle will be broken up into two rounds.

  • Round One: All 12 teams

  • Round Two: Top 3 teams

Each category will be worth 15 points each. In case of a tie, the act with the highest audience response score will win. The judges’ decisions will be final!

Judging Categories:

Both rounds will be judged in these categories:     

  • Lip Sync Abilities: How well the performer(s) lip-sync the lyrics of the song.

  • Creativity: How original and creative the performance is. Instead of just standing on stage and lip syncing a song - props, choreography, costumes and/or other ideas should be used and will impress the judges. Be creative!

  • Stage Presence & Choreography: Again, don’t just stand there! Engage the audience, dance, smile, make eye contact with the judges and crowd...you’re a STAR --- have fun!

  • Audience Response: Engage the audience: get them clapping, cheering, and singing along.